We build your home in Mallorca making the whole process a unique and rewarding experience

we break
the myth

We tear down the false belief that building a house is an exhausting and stressful experience

It is true. Although building a new house is an exciting endeavour, it is also a complex task that can be beyond anyone’s control without the appropriate expertise and help.

Building a house entails many different factors. This is why a good coordination of all these factors is crucial if you want your project to be successful.

When a house starts to be built without a plan and the necessary expertise and knowledge, the process can become a nightmare: an endless source of stress and problems that will drain our energy while forcing us to waste time and money.

But your path to a new home does not necessarily have to be paved with stress and problems.

They can be avoided by delegating the planning, management and supervision of the project to an expert in house building, that is to say, to a Project Manager.

That is why we offer you a comprehensive project management service so that you do not have to worry about anything.

At Casal Mallorquí, we take care of absolutely everything and solve any problem that might arise, with the aim of making the process of building your home or holiday residence in Mallorca a fulfilling and exciting experience. The only thing that you and your family will have to do is to relax and enjoy seeing the house of your dreams being built.


What is project management?

What are its advantages?

What does it include?

What is the process like?

what is pROJECT

The best strategy

Our Project Management service is based on resource optimisation and strategic use of time and money to ensure that all the objectives are achieved within the set period of time and in conformity with the budget agreed on.

Just like a skilled chess player seeking the best strategy when moving the pieces on the chessboard, the project manager will lead, manage, motivate, supervise and evaluate the work of all those involved in the project.

Builders, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc., will work in the most coordinated, effective and efficient way possible under his direct supervision.

Besides, the project manager will be the connection between the team of professionals that work on site and you. He will become your voice and eyes throughout the whole process.

Among all the services we offer at Casal Mallorquí, it is no coincidence that this service is the one preferred by our clients, as it provides them with the greatest comfort and peace of mind.


Enjoy the peace of mind that our project management service will bring to your life


A service that removes obstacles

If you are thinking about building a house in Mallorca you should know that, most probably, you will face obstacles such as:

Lack of knowledge about building

Lack of time to properly supervise the construction works on your own

Lack of appropriate contacts (notaries, architects, accountants, etc.)

Lack of a reliable team

Unless you were born in Spain or have been living here for a long time, you will also find that the ways of working and the Spanish bureaucracy are, probably, very different from those of your country of origin. Besides, in this case, the language barrier is always a major impediment.


A service that makes your dream come true

Sadly, the problems listed above cause many people to give up their dream of building their own home in Mallorca.

At Casal Mallorquí, we do not want any of these obstacles to stand between you and your ideal home on the island.

If you entrust us with the management of your project, we will plan, direct and control the entire development of the construction project for you in order to:

Solve any problem that might arise and remove all obstacles

Simplify the building process of your home

Guarantee the highest quality and the compliance of deadlines and budgets

Ensure you a stress-free experience

saving · CONTROL · SOLUtions

What are the advantages that project management offers you?

Time saving

The construction of your new home should not stop your life. This is our goal. Therefore, we take care of all the paperwork, negotiate with suppliers, plan and coordinate every step of your project. In short, we control the whole building process for you at all times.

Money saving

When different companies and workers are involved in each phase of a project, everything slows down and becomes chaotic. That, undoubtedly, results in «mistakes», «additional working days» and «cost overruns». Both, our project manager and our technical architect, will personally supervise every aspect of the construction process. This will minimise mistakes and coordination problems within the team avoiding deviations from the initial budget.

Direct resolution of problems and unforeseen events

Contingencies are a part of any construction. As building professionals, we are used to dealing with any unexpected situation and finding solutions quickly and efficiently. You can feel reassured to know that we will solve any problem that might arise.

Exhaustive building control and follow-up

The technical architect and the project manager will constantly carry out control and monitor tasks on site to ensure that everything is built as planned. In order to closely monitoring the process and undertaking a meticulous follow-up, both of them will hold a weekly meeting on site with all the professionals involved in the construction to resolve any possible question or doubt.

Implementation of last-minute changes

Occasionally, it happens that last-minute changes are required in order to cope with some unforeseen circumstances. Imagine for a moment that you make up your mind and decide to place the master bathroom’s bathtub in a different place from where you first pictured it or that you finally want a bigger dressing room. It will be the project manager who will provide the information to the team on site making sure that the new changes are made.

Achievement of objectives

The project manager will ensure that each team member knows what it needs to be done at every stage and that all short and long-term objectives are met on schedule. In addition, he will pay particular attention that the quality of the materials and the finishes are as agreed.

But, above all, imagine…

The convenience of:

  • Enjoying the process of building your own home without the stress and common inconveniences that usually arise when building a house.
  • Carrying on with your routine without sacrificing your daily activities, work responsibilities or personal commitments to deal with endless paperwork or supervise the building process personally.
  • Dealing with a single contact avoiding countless phone calls and emails with a multitude of professionals, suppliers and companies.
  • Dealing with a single contact avoiding countless phone calls and emails with a multitude of professionals, suppliers and companies.
  • Receiving quotations (translated into your native language) already compared and guidance to help you make the best decisions.

The peace of mind of:

  • Knowing that your project is in the hands of professionals who are a referent in the sector.
  • Delegating the construction of your home to a team of experts who will take care of such an important task with the same dedication, care and commitment as you would do it yourself.
  • Relying on an ally who will guide you and give you advice, having always in mind what is in your best interest.
  • Receiving detailed progress reports, photos and emails regularly.
  • Feeling reassured that your project is covered by all the required civil liability insurances and complies with all the necessary security and safety measures established by the law.
  • Trusting a team fully committed with the execution of the work, the qualities of materials and the established deadlines.

site management

paperwork · reports

What does it include?

Objective assessment regarding any aspect of your project

Cost and quality transparent control

Comparison of estimates from a range of suppliers and companies

Regular reports on the progress of the construction

Representation or accompaniment before different official organisms

Translation of estimates

Regular onsite meetings throughout the development of the project

Recommendations concerning materials selection

Professional works inspection, coordination and supervision during the process

Administrative procedures and site management


Get inspired by our developments and projects

“It was Martijn, with his remarkable project management, who made the whole process so easy and stress-free for us”


We contacted Martin van der Kam to help us find a property in Mallorca.

After several well-planned visits by him we decided on a property in Manacor.

The whole process of buying the plot was also organised by Martijn and went smoothly. We accepted his suggestion to entrust the design of our project to the architect Juan Antonio Servera Vega. We were also very satisfied with his services.

Thanks to Martijn, the wait for the authorisation from the authorities to build was not wasted time. During this time, he asked for estimates from construction companies, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, gardeners… And the ground was prepared so that we could start building as soon as the building permit arrived.

Martijn translated all the estimates into German and presented them to us in the form of lists. This made things much easier. It was very easy to compare prices and qualities and decide which companies to choose. Thank you very much, Martijn. With our poor language skills, we could not have done it without you.

During the construction phase, Martijn supervised the entire construction work in an impeccable way and was always available on the phone giving us advice and helping us with everything. 

Casal Mallorquí

Even when selecting materials (tiles, doors, bathroom fittings, kitchen, etc.), colours, exterior designs, he was always our contact and a great help. He took our interests and tastes into account in all the construction meetings, so he made us feel very relaxed.

Thank you very much for your support, your help and your energy Martijn.

Gerd y Thea Steenblock


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