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Where is home?

My own experience has taught me that home does not necessarily have to be in the country where a person was born. It can be a place we fall in love with, a place we discover… A place we have not left behind yet at the airport but to which we are already planning to return.


Martijn van der Kam

On this island, so far away from my native country, the Netherlands, I met my wife. Here, I not only discovered the love that one can feel for a foreign land, but I also found the perfect house, one in which every single square meter feels like mine.

My children were born and raised here. That made me to be even more involved in the conservation of this little Mediterranean paradise that Mallorca is.

For all these reasons, I feel very lucky for having the opportunity to help others to find, as I did myself, their new home in Mallorca.

If you are reading this page it means you have a dream: to find the perfect home for you and your family in Mallorca. I invite you to keep reading to discover how we can help you to fulfil it.


Who are we?

An ally you can trust

In theory, we are a full-service real estate agency, construction and project development company that has specialised not only in selling properties and plots, but also in the promotion, project management and construction of exclusive country houses and luxury fincas.

In practice, we are a reliable partner in whom you can trust. We will make the process of buying, building or renovating your home in Mallorca a delightful and rewarding experience by accompanying you every step of the journey.

We will be by your side through the whole process of searching or building until the moment you hold the keys of your new home. It is our mission to simplify everything for you by taking care of all permits, paperwork, procedures and management. All you will have to do is relax and enjoy watching your project grow.


What makes us different?

Passion for the Majorcan Llevant

More Services

A Single Company Taking Care of Everything

More Knowledge and Guarantees

Pioneers in Passive House Construction

Passion for the Majorcan Llevant

A paradise in the East

Mallorca’s Eastern, Southeastern and central region (known as Levante or Llevant) is a well-kept secret full of wonders. Unlike most real estate agencies in Mallorca, we have focused our work on this area of the island.

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in the Llevant, it has always surprised us how an area with so much potential has gone almost unnoticed for so long by the largest real estate companies.

The picture today is changing, though.

The recent arrival of the manacorí tennis player Rafa Nadal Academy and the American International School of Mallorca have been a tremendous boost for the area.

In Casal Mallorquí, we have always known the enormous treasure that this less known part of the island holds. Because of that, our clients have benefited from more competitive prices.

With the same budget, they got a more exclusive property than the one they would have got in the overcrowded Western.

Have you considered this area?

If you have not yet done so, we highly recommend you to consider it.
And to do so quickly. Demand in this area is expected to grow in the years ahead. So, now it is a good time to buy, before prices go up.


Countless wonders

Excellent gastronomy (including restaurants with some Michelin stars), good wine, tranquility, beaches with crystal clear waters, picturesque coves, museums, cycling routes, golf courses, traditional markets, green mountains, villages that maintain the authentic essence of the Majorcan way of life where you can still breathe the quiet island atmosphere… These are just some of the charms of the East that you will be able to enjoy.


More services

Many times, it happens that clients do not find in the market the house they had in mind.

When this occurs, most real estate agencies can no longer do anything for the clients. Many of them, discouraged, give up on their dream.

On the contrary, our clients can rest assured knowing that, if they do not find what they are looking for on the market or among our own developments, their dream of having the perfect home in Mallorca does not end there.

We offer them not only the most usual real estate services of searching and advising in the purchase of a preexisting property, but we also renovate or build from scratch the exclusive custom homes they have always dreamed of.

Being able to offer other alternatives to customers who do not find a house that meets their expectations is what makes us different, almost unique in the area.


A single company taking care of everything

When several companies, with different people and different ways of working are involved in the different phases of building a house (land purchase, development of the project and construction) everything is slower, uncoordinated, chaotic, stressful and more expensive.

Our clients truly appreciate the convenience of having one single, manage-all interlocutor during the whole process. From the very beginning to the end, they always deal with the same people. This provides them with additional peace of mind, even if (as it is in most cases) they are thousands of miles away from Mallorca.


More knowledge & more guarantees

Our team’s knowledge and expertise encompass all the aspects in the real estate sector and building industry.

The fact that we are also builders and developers is a great advantage for you.

Most real estate agents have no knowledge of construction, so they cannot go beyond house showings.

However, when visiting a property together, we will be able to detect major defects such as inadequate or insufficient thermal insulation or future condensation and humidity problems.

As a member of API (association of real estate agents of the Balearic Islands) we have constant access to the latest regulations and up-to-date quality training. But, most importantly, we are permanently supported by a legal and technical consulting firm of experts to which we will direct all questions related to your project.

By contracting us, you will get a series of additional guarantees such as the security of working side by side with a professional who has civil liability insurance and whose activity is regulated and controlled by an official association.


Pioneers in the construction of Passive Houses

As time goes by, we all are increasingly aware of climate change.

If we are to combat it and protect our environment, we need to find new and sustainable ways of doing things. There are plenty of ways we can all do our bit. A very important one is choosing eco-friendly houses.

In Casal Mallorquí, we have committed ourselves to this task with a view to moving towards a type of sustainable and low-energy consumption construction as a standard.

Because of that, we are proud to say that we are pioneers in the area in building energy-efficient homes certified by the Passivhaus Institute.

By promoting this kind of sustainable buildings, we do our bit to protect this Mediterranean paradise and contribute to a healthy world while benefiting the health and future economy of our customers.

Undoubtedly, choosing a comfortable home built to your taste that protects the environment while saving money and improving your family’s health is a responsible and intelligent choice and a synonymous with quality of life.

PASSIVE HOUSES | There are only advantages
Did you know that lead times are greatly reduced when building a Passive House instead of a traditional one?
If you want to know more about the advantages of Passive Houses read on...

The human team of Casal Mallorquí is our best value.

Our team

“When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible”. - Howard Schultz

Each member is committed daily to helping our clients to get the house they dream of in Mallorca.

We put at your disposal our experience and knowledge using our best skills: listening and understanding.

We want to understand exactly what you want so that we can start looking for —or working with passion on— a house that is just as you had imagined it.

Your peace of mind, your comfort and your time are very important to us. All our actions are aimed at freeing you from the stress that sometimes comes with searching for or building a new home.

Departamento administrativo
Departamento técnico
Departamento contable
Departamento comercial


Sales Department


Technical Architect


Administrative Department

We treat others as we would like to be treated. That inspires a special relationship with our client, more personal than a mere business interaction. That is why our customers describe us as close and especially helpful.

Why with us?

We live in the area

Most of us were born on the island. And we all, without exception, live in the East. Therefore, we will be able to help you with the usual doubts that arise when starting in a new place: doctors, internet companies, supermarkets, post offices, town halls, restaurants, leisure activities, insurances, etc.

We save you time

We will take care of the most tedious and stressful part of any real estate transaction for you: the paperwork. We will rigorously carry out all the necessary administrative and construction management procedures.

Distance is not a problem

We will inform you regularly and keep you up to date with the progress of you project. We will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Commitment and social responsibility

We feel that we have a responsibility to the community in which we live. For this reason, we collaborate with local non-profit associations such as Estel de Llevant in their work to improve the lives of people with mental health problems.

We stick to the budget

Your new home in Majorca should reflect your taste as well as meet your needs and desires, but most importantly, it must be economically viable for you. For this reason, we will provide you with a quotation to which we will strictly adhere in order to meet the economic cost that has been established.

Excellent after-sales support

Once the construction works have been completed, we will stand by your side responding quickly to any unforeseen circumstance, inconvenience or unexpected problem which may arise.

Our core values: sincerity, integrity and transparency

We always strive to achieve a win-win situation that equally benefits all sides involved. We will always act in your best interest. If there is something that is not right in the house, we will mention it, if there is something that you should take into account, we will mention it.

We are a serious, reliable and solvent company

We have civil liability insurance which covers any unforeseen problem or incident that might arise in the process of carrying out our work. We will solve any problem for you. Besides, our bonding insurance guarantees that the amounts advanced by you as a deposit or similar are insured against any eventuality that may occur.

Mediterranean inspiration

We use locally available materials to create that authentic Majorcan and Mediterranean architectural style. We combine the traditional architecture of the island with the latest construction techniques and the use of ecological materials.

We are committed to the environment

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our company’s philosophy. We treat the precious island landscape with the greatest possible care. This is why we use eco-friendly construction methods in all our houses.

Much more than just numbers

How many clients have we helped find their ideal homes? How many houses have we built? How many projects have we managed? The truth is that we have not counted them.

There have been many, but we are not interested in knowing the exact figures because our clients are not a number. They are people with names who have trusted us, who have allowed us to be part of their story and help them fulfil their dream. The satisfaction of knowing we have helped them is priceless.


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