Feel at home with sustainable Mediterranean living

Why to choose 

Some people choose it because this kind of construction is more environmentally-friendly. However, there is another crucial reason for you to build a Passive House in Mallorca: the comfort that it will provide for you and your family.

It is a proven fact.

Passive Houses are much more comfortable than houses built with traditional methods.

After all, comfort is all we seek in a house, right? A cosy home where one can enjoy every corner of it. A house in which we can walk barefoot, move from a room to another or walk beside a window without feeling an abrupt and uncomfortable change in temperature.

Are you curious to see how we

build a Passive House?

The best way to understand why a Passive House is built faster than a traditional one is by watching the
following video about the construction of one of our projects in Cala Murada.


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