The Majorcan Levante

Where you still can breathe in the island calm

Why having your place in the East of Mallorca?

Because life in the East of Mallorca means wellbeing. Tranquility. Luxury.

Yes, luxury. You read that right.

But do not interpret the definition of luxury as an abundance of expensive material goods.

Increasingly, the real estate industry is looking for a new kind of luxury that is not about the most expensive material things, but about something more valuable: a pleasurable lifestyle that connects you with nature.

With sensations.

With everything that is difficult to measure with numbers and can only be explained with words.


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Invest in an unrivalled lifestyle


The first sip of your coffee in the morning while breathing in the calm of the first rays of sunshine. A long walk by the picturesque roads of the Majorcan countryside full of fruit trees. A moment to relax by the crystal-clear water of your swimming pool while reading a book.

Listening to your favourite music while lying in a hammock and gazing at an ever-blue sky. Saying goodbye to the day on the warm sand of a quiet “cala” or enjoying the coolness of the summer nights having dinner under a starry sky…

That is how it is every day, every afternoon and every evening in the East of Mallorca. This is how life is lived here. Without the obligation to watch the clock at every moment. With the almost forgotten pleasure of enjoying the little things. Those that, in this part of the island, become the big things. The important ones.

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