Creating something new brings the opportunity to create something better


Our story began in 2011 when I founded Casal Mallorquí.

Like most businesses, our also was created to fill a gap in the market.

I had worked for years as a real estate agent for one of the biggest real estate agencies on the island. That experience had convinced me that things in the sector could be done much better. And, above all, it had helped me realise that there were certain services that clients demanded but no one could offer.

Besides offering the same services as any real estate agency, we wanted to offer an alternative to all those clients who could not find a house on the market that met their expectations.

We asked ourselves a fundamental question:

“What did clients who could not find their dream house and dare to take the step of building or renovating a property need?”

Casal Mallorquí

Our essence stemmed from the answer to that question.

We came to the conclusion that the best thing for them was having a single company guiding and accompanying them through the whole process. This is how we became the first to offer such a complete service in the area.

Like most beginnings, the first steps were difficult and humble. For a year, our office was located in a room of our own house. It was hard to get started, but we always had faith in what we were doing. The results did not take long: An East German couple trusted us to buy their finca in Son Carrió. Shortly afterwards, others arrived.

Soon after, that German couple trusted us again for a renovation. That time, they found we had already become a consolidated company and a reference in the sector in the eastern region of the island.  Besides, we received them in a cosy office in the city center.

From that moment onwards, the referrals of our satisfied clients and collaborators have always been our best advertisement.


What is behind our name?

We wanted to be true to our roots. We decided our name had to remain essentially Majorcan and represent this wonderful land. When we came across “Casal Mallorquí”, we knew right away that we had just found our name.

“Casal Mallorquí” is a reflection of who we are. It connects us in a genuine way with Majorca and its people. When the Majorcan owners hear our name, they immediately perceive the familiarity of their own language. From then on, everything flows more naturally.


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