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We are increasingly aware of the dangers of climate change. If we want to protect the environment, we need to find new and sustainable ways of doing things.

This forces us to reflect not only on how we live, but also where we live. Because one of the best decisions we can make to slow down climate change is to choose a house that has been specially designed and built to reduce energy consumption.

A Passive House is completely eco-friendly. Its design, based on energy efficiency, is able to reduce to a minimum the environmental impact because:

  • It uses low carbon building materials which are sustainably obtained.
  • It drastically reduces CO2 emissions due to its minimal energy consumption.

By choosing a Passive House you not only reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but also your electricity bills.

Therefore, we obtain a double benefit:

  • An economic one (given that there is a dramatic reduction in our electricity bill)..
  • An ecological one (by contributing to the preservation of the planet).

Often, the decision of choosing a Passive House is much simpler than all that. It is the logical result of asking yourself a question:

Why building a traditional house when I can build instead a much more comfortable and healthier home which will save me money and will protect the environment and the future of those whom I love?

Undoubtedly, choosing a Passive House is a smart and responsible decision and, above all, it is synonymous with a higher quality of life.

You will be proud of having built a home like this, and so will be future generations.

Why do we build
passive houses

Committing to this type of construction respectful with nature is our way of showing that our commitment to the environment goes beyond words.

We are proud of contributing to the preservation of this paradise that is Mallorca. And to know that, at the same time, we have benefited the health and economy of our clients.

What if this way we could open up a path and inspire other builders to do the same?

“The past cannot be changed, but we are convinced that, together, we can change the future of how construction is understood, the future of our planet and the quality of life of people.”

Martijn van der Kam

Build your Passive House with us

At Casal Mallorquí, we are experts in the construction of Passive Houses and Passive Houses certified by the Passivhaus Institute.

If you want to live in a healthy and sustainable house with unparalleled comfort, definitely the Passive House model is for you.

The design and construction of a Passive House requires the knowledge and expertise of professionals specialised in this standard since, in most cases, its objectives, parameters, calculations, etc. are unknown to architects of conventional houses.

Hence the importance of entrusting your construction project to a certified expert to properly build the Passive House of your dreams.

If you want to build a house that allows you to take care of your family and of the planet at once, we will help you to achieve it.



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