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Buying a home in Mallorca involves making several important decisions.

One of the first ones to make is whether to buy a house that is already built or to build a new one.

Both options have their pros and cons. However, if you already have a very clear idea in your head about how you want your home to be like, or if you want an exclusive home that is completely tailored to you, the smartest option is to build it from scratch.

Why? Quite simple.

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Your home in Mallorca could be for a lifetime. And if you settle now for a house that does not meet all your expectations, it is very likely that you will end up wishing in the future that your house were different.

You may regret not having the exact number of bathrooms you need or not being able to enjoy the views you had always imagined from your terrace. Perhaps you may regret not being close to that “cala” where you love to unwind or too far from that town market where the whole family likes buying.

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Do not settle for a house that does not fulfil everything you have always wanted

Enjoy a home in Mallorca which is:


a house tailored to you 

The advantages of a custom home

Building instead of buying may seem overwhelming at first, but there is a good reason to do it:


When you build your own home from scratch, you have the opportunity to customize every detail to suit your lifestyle, tastes and needs.

You can select the layout you need. The materials you like. The lighting. The paint. And, in short, you will be able to decide exactly how it will be the house you and your family will live in.

Instead of having to adapt to a house that has already been built, your new house will adapt to you. And this will make it the perfect house.

A house as unique as the family thatwill live in it 

The satisfaction of living in an exclusive house

At Casal Mallorquí, every house we build is unique. Just as no two families are alike, no two of our houses are alike. Your house will not look like any other.

When we build your house, we start from a blank sheet of paper to create an exclusive design for you. We do not follow templates or catalogues. The starting point is what you dream of. And the real inspiration for the project will come from your ideas and those of your family. You will be the protagonists in this story.

We take every detail into account: your preferred location, your budget, the space you need to enjoy your hobbies, etc.

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Precisely because you are at the centre of the whole process, building a tailored home will make you feel extremely satisfied. A level of satisfaction that is very difficult to achieve when buying a home that has already been built.

A special emotional connection will arise from the very first moment with your new home. A bond that will connect you with it forever because, after all, you will have created it together with your loved ones.

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let the calm of the mediterranean flood
into your home

The charm of a Mediterranean house

The charm of a Mediterranean house

That is why all our houses are built intending that their inhabitants enjoy a very Mediterranean lifestyle.

The houses we build are houses that blend perfectly into the Majorcan landscape. In a landscape where the purple of the bougainvilleas, the sound of the breeze among the olive trees and the white colour when the almond blossoms light up everything transmitting a heap of sensations to the viewer’s senses.

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Our houses extend outwards. Beyond any wall or partition. Because their porches, natural cane beam layouts and terraces are filled with life.

Preparing a barbecue to have dinner with friends. Having the first coffee of the day after a dip in the pool. Reading a book on the terrace in the evening.

This is what life is like in Mallorca. A life enjoyed outdoors.

Because it is there where you can enjoy every hour of the day to the fullest.
We specialise in the construction of typical Majorcan country houses and Passive Houses. In each house, we merge the pure essence of traditional Mediterranean architecture with the latest sustainable construction techniques.

In order to provide each house with that Majorcan and Mediterranean character we work with Majorcan architects and interior designers and use local materials such as natural stone and marble.

The result? Idyllic homes surrounded by flourishing Mediterranean gardens that stand out for their beauty and comfort and blend harmoniously into the island’s landscape.

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