6 easy steps
to guide you home

What is the process like?

Discover the 6 steps we will take together to build your home

1. land


The first step we will take is to find you the right plot on which to build your house. In Casal Mallorquí, we have at your disposal exclusive plots of land that will meet your expectations, requirements and life-style. It is only when we have found an ideal location that you are completely satisfied with that we will move on to the next step.

If you already have a plot, you will merely have to provide us with the information. From that point onwards, we will take care of everything.

2. House

We listen to you carefully in order to properly understand what the style of your ideal house is: rustic or modern, minimalist or classic, traditional house or Passive House…

We will take into account your needs, tastes, life-style and preferences, and we will gladly put you in touch with an experienced architect who will perfectly match your style.

3. Planning and

Everything important in life begins with a well-thought-out plan.

Together, we will plan the entire process. We will assist you and provide you with objective advise at all times. Besides, we will apply for the permits required for construction at the municipal offices, taking care of the tedious and time-consuming paperwork, so that you and your family can sit down, relax and enjoy a stress-free process.

4. Preparation

While we wait for the permits, we will take advantage of that time to prepare the land and request estimates to different companies and professionals taking part in the construction: builders, carpenters, electricians, etc.

Once we have compared all the estimates, we will share them with you in an orderly fashion. All the information will be translated into your native language so that we help you decide which companies will be selected.

5. Construction

Once obtained all the required permits, we will start building your house.

We want you to enjoy the process, to see it moving forward. Therefore, every week the project manager will send you a full report where you and your family can see the progress of your new home.

During this phase, both the technical architect and the project manager will:

  • Supervise the works on site for you.
  • Conduct an exhaustive control of qualities, materials and other details of the construction.
  • Solve any problems or unforeseen events that might arise.
  • Introduce any changes that you wish..
  • Hold a weekly meeting with all the professionals involved in the works.
  • Measure the progress of the construction each month in order to prepare the monthly invoice.

6. The most exciting part:
the key handover

Without any doubt, this is our favourite part. The big day. During many months, your dream has also been our dream. And this is a very exciting moment.

We will take care of registering supplies such as electricity, water, telephone and Internet. Your new home will have everything you may need to move in. Besides, we will provide you with a comprehensive handbook containing the manufacturer’s warranty of your appliances as well as the instructions on how to use the heating and air conditioning systems, to set the alarm, to do the pool maintenance, etc.

We will also help you with the little doubts that often arise when moving to a new place: doctors, insurance companies, supermarkets, post offices, town halls, restaurants, leisure activities, etc. We want you to feel at home right away after moving.


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